ASV Posi-Track Testimonials

Feedback from some of our hundreds of happy ASV customers.

MidCoast Vegetation Management

Watch Sam from MidCoast Vegetation Management review his new Fecon Fusion BH85 Mulcher – the FIRST EVER Fusion in Australia – combined with the class-leading and world-renowned ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track Loader.

Sam and the MidCoast Vegetation Management team are experts in land clearing and forestry, serving many clients throughout the mid coast region of NSW, Australia.

The RT-135F’s premium speed, power, visibility and comfort, combined with the new Fecon Fusion’s automated calibration and unmatched mulching efficiency has Sam absolutely delighted with his new investment.

Thanks to Sam and the MidCoast team for choosing ASV and Fecon! Find out more: www.


MidCoast Vegetation Management

Sam from MidCoast Vegetation Management is now the proud owner of the very first Fecon BH85 Fusion mulcher in Australia!  This revolutionary machine, when paired with the new ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track Loader—the most powerful compact track loader available in Australia—delivers unparalleled performance and efficiency.

This epic machine and mulcher combination will take MidCoast’s exceptional work on private mulching projects to commercial fire trails and council contracts to a whole new level of quality and efficiency! Here’s to blazing new trails with the best in the business!

We can’t wait to see MidCoast’s remarkable work with their unreal new setup. Thanks to Sam and the team at MidCoast Vegetation Management: www.

Ryano Civil & Plant

Watch Donal from Ryano Civil & Plant in Perth, Western Australia, review their new ASV VT-100 Posi-Track Loader.

Donal and the Ryano crew are impressed by the comfort, reach, speed and overall performance of their new VT-100.

Thanks to Ryano Civil & Plant for choosing ASV Posi-Track, and for your ongoing loyalty to ASV Sales & Service.

Beaver Mulching RT-120 ASV

Beaver Mulching

Not a bad way to end the week for the legends at Beaver Mulching, who just picked up an ASV RT-120 Posi-Track from our Newcastle branch!

Matt and the team at Beaver Mulching are specialists in land clearing, forestry, mulching and general earthworks in the Central Coast and southern Newcastle regions – and this new addition will only add to their already epic range of machines (which also includes Fecon Australia mulchers and XCMG excavators)!

The Beaver Mulching crew are loyal customers of ours and we sincerely appreciate their ongoing support – and they’re always such a pleasure to work with!


LSD Earthworks & Maintenance

We’re thrilled to announce the handover of not one, but two incredible machines to our valued customer LSD Earthworks and Maintenance!

Say hello to their latest additions: the powerful RT-75 and RT-135, ready to conquer any terrain with ease.

And here’s the cherry on top: the RT-135 marks their 15th machine from ASV!

Thank you LSD for your continued trust and partnership. Let’s keep pushing boundaries together!



Main Roads Western Australia

Our ASV Sales & Service branch in Perth was delighted to deliver the first of 27 ASV Posi-Track Loaders for Main Roads Western Australia in Port Hedland last week.

MRWA’s new fleet of machines – which will be distributed throughout the state working on some of Western Australia’s major infrastructure projects – will include seven RT-135 and twenty VT-100 ASV Posi-Track Loaders.

Along with each machine, MRWA will also be utilising a range of attachments including Schibeci stabilisers, Norm 4-in-1 buckets, Himac forks and grader blades, and Digga augers, dozer blades and brooms.

For additional safety, the machines are also fitted with FleetSafe perimeter scanning technology to provide 360-degree visibility around each Posi-Track Loader.

These machines will include some of the first ASV VT-100 Posi-Track Loaders in Australia, with the new and innovative model being selected due to its premium technology, versatility, performance, comfort, and fast supply by ASV Sales & Service.

Our sincere thanks to Main Roads WA for choosing ASV Posi-Track Loaders for these major statewide infrastructure projects, and congratulations to all the team at our ASV Sales & Service branch in Perth on this momentous partnership.

Stay tuned for further coverage of this exciting news!


Raw Civil

Exciting news!

Raw Civil has a new addition to their fleet: the ASV RT-75 MAX-Series Posi-Track!

This powerful machine is joining their lineup to help them tackle even bigger civil projects across the Perth metro area.

Big thanks to Jayden, our valued customer and proud owner of multiple ASV machines, for choosing ASV Sales & Service once again.

Here’s to more productivity and success ahead!


STS Corp

We’re thrilled to announce the handover of an ASV RT-75 Posi-Track with Fecon RK6015 Mulcher and Norm 4 in 1 bucket to Mick Mundey at STS Corp (Sports Turf Surfaces)!

This powerhouse is ready to tackle turf and sports ground maintenance all the way from Brisbane to Toowoomba and up to Townsville.

Mick and the team will be utilising this beast for a range of tasks, from loading sand into hoppers to fire trail clearing when the need arises.

With its versatility and efficiency, there’s no doubt it’ll make light work of every job thrown its way!

Thanks to Mick and STS Corp!


CTL Earthmoving

Handover Time!

Meet Sam from CTL Earthmoving in the Hunter Valley, proudly showcasing his shiny new Davco 504 slasher! Sam’s ready to put this beast to work, helping his business prep fire breaks for the upcoming bushfire season.

Big shoutout to Sam for making ASV Sales & Service his choice!

RT-75HD ASV Posi-Track

Baker Excavations

Here we have Andrew from Baker Excavations picking up his brand new ASV RT-75HD Posi-Track, complete with Norm Engineering tilting 4 in 1 bucket.

A big thanks to Andrew for choosing ASV Sales & Service.

RT-135 ASV Posi-Track

Raw Civil

WA Machine Handover!

Here we have Raw Civil & Contracting in WA, taking delivery of their brand new ASV RT-135 Posi-Track, this is the 3rd ASV added to their fleet!

A big thanks to Raw Civil for choosing ASV Sales & Service.

BMI Civil

Watch Mark from BMI Civil Group clear dense Australian bushland with his ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track and Fecon BH85 Mulcher combination.

With 132 horsepower, 189 LPM high flow hydraulics, next-gen MAX-Series cabin comfort and visibility, premium undercarriage technology, heavy duty body protection and all-day reliability, the RT-135F Posi-Track is the perfect track loader for land clearing, forestry and vegetation management.

In tandem with Fecon’s world-famous BH85 mulcher, featuring a robust FGT rotor and extreme durability teeth, this combination delivers new levels of efficiency, productivity and performance like you’ve never seen before.

Our sincere thanks, to Mark, Anthony, Brian and all the crew at BMI Civil Group for their participation in this video, and ongoing support for so many years!


Not a bad view from the “office” window!

Watch Derek and Aiden from Lawcon in Newcastle, NSW review their fleet of Posi-Track Loaders while working at the picturesque Newcastle Beach Ocean Baths.

Thanks to Derek, Aiden and all the Lawcon team for their ongoing support of ASV Posi-Track!

Customer with RT-135 Forestry

The Weed Terminator

Handover day!

Here we have Baz and Pam from The Weed Terminator in Chadwick, WA picking up their brand new ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track.
Baz and Pam are long time ASV Sales & Service customers and this machine is their 4th Posi-Track!

A big thank you Baz and Pam for your ongoing support and for choosing ASV Sales & Service!

RT-60 Posi-Track

Boss Mini Excavations

Customer Delivery out of our Sunshine Coast branch last week!

Here we have Boss Mini Excavations taking delivery of their brand new RT-60 Posi-Track with 6 in 1 bucket and civil specs. This new machine will be used in their business around the Sunshine Coast area.

Thanks again Boss Mini Excavations for choosing ASV Sales & Service!


Indiji Flora

Here we have Tim from Indiji Flora in WA, taking delivery of his brand new ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track. Tim will be using his new machine for work in his business.

Thanks Tim for choosing ASV Sales & Service!

RT-135f ASV Posi-Track

Coastal Vegetation Management

Here we have Corry from Coastal Vegetation Management with his brand new ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi-Track. Corry is one of the first customers in WA to have this new machine, which he also purchased with a Fecon Australia BH85SS Mulcher.

Corry will be using his new setup for work in his impressive forestry business.

Thanks Corry and Coastal Vegetation Management for your ongoing support!

  • Man in ASV RT-135 Forestry Posi Track
  • RT-135 Forestry Posi Track
  • RT-135 Posi Track
  • Cab of RT-135 ASV Posi Track

Geoff from the Hunter

Here we have Geoff from the Hunter Region taking delivery of his brand new ASV RT-135 Forestry MAX-Series Posi-Track – one of the first of its kind in Australia!

Geoff will be using his new machine to restore his expansive property, including trenching, fencing, road works, land clearing, pallet work and general clean up.

Thanks again Geoff for choosing ASV Sales & Service!

man with RT-50 Posi-track

Edwards Contracting WA

Loyal Customer Alert

Here is Phil from Edwards Contracting WA, taking delivery of a brand new RT-50. This is Phil’s 3rd ASV Posi-Track!

First starting off with a PT-30 then RT-40 and now an RT-50!

Thanks again Phil for choosing ASV Sales & Service!


Tracklink WA

Pictured here we have Fintan from Tracklink in WA taking delivery of their SEVENTEENTH ASV Posi-Track Loader – this time an RT-65 MAX-Series! Absolutely incredible loyalty from all the Tracklink crew!

Tracklink’s extensive fleet of Posi-Tracks and other earthmoving and construction machines are available for hire throughout Western Australia – they’re one of the state’s premier hire suppliers, so check them out at

Our massive thanks to Fintan and the entire Tracklink team for your ongoing support and loyalty!



Here we have Derek from Lawcon Constructions in Newcastle taking delivery of his new ASV RT-65 MAX-Series Posi-Track Loader – and doesn’t it look unreal!

Derek and his Lawcon team have been loyal supporters of ASV Sales & Service for many years, and we’re extremely grateful to have such legendary customers.


Mal Keough

One of the ‘coolest’ photos you’ll see all week!

Here’s Mal Keough working in his ASV RT-60 Posi-Track Loader to clear hail from the streets of Toormina NSW (near Coffs Harbour) during the unbelievable hail storm last week.

The Toormina and Coffs community is lucky they had Mal on the clean up – with more than 18 years and 24,000 hours in the seat of a Posi-Track, Mal knows how to get any job done quickly and with only the highest quality.

Mal did such a brilliant job in the ice that we’re expecting to see him at the Winter Olympics next year…

Nice one Mal, we love your work as always!

Credit for these excellent photos goes to: Bruce Thomas Photography.

Terraform Marcus


Pictured here is Marcus from Terraform in Western Australia taking delivery of his new ASV RT-120 Posi-Track and Fecon BH74 mulcher package.

Marcus traded in his Terex PT-100G to upgrade to the ASV RT-120, and together with the Fecon BH74 he’ll be shredding through trees and scrub like an absolute boss!

Thanks Marcus and Terraform for choosing ASV and Fecon!


Tracklink WA

Today we have Fintan from Tracklink WA taking delivery of his SIXTEENTH ASV Posi-Track Loader – this time an RT-75 Heavy Duty MAX-Series machine. What’s more, Tracklink have an additional 2 more Posi-Tracks on order awaiting delivery!

Tracklink’s extensive fleet of Posi-Tracks and other earthmoving and construction machines are available for hire throughout Western Australia – they’re one of the state’s premier hire suppliers, so check them out at

Our massive thanks to Fintan and the entire Tracklink team for your ongoing support and loyalty!

Clean Valley

Watch Pete from Clean Valley in Newcastle NSW explain why he’s so fond of his new ASV RT-50 Posi-Track.

Comfort, power, stability, control, accessibility…the RT-50 ticks all the boxes for Pete, who spends up to 12 hours a day in his machine so needs the absolute best!

Check out Clean Valley’s excellent site cleaning and waste management services here:

Matthew McKay RT75 MAX Positrack

Matthew from Mandurah

Today we have Matthew from Mandurah taking delivery of his brand new ASV RT-75 MAX-Series Posi-Track!

This is Matthew’s second RT-75 after picking up his first machine a couple of years ago – he is a big fan of the new cab upgrades, including the touchscreen display, extra room, improved controls and suspension seat.

Thanks Matthew for your loyalty to ASV, we are sincerely appreciative!

Reece Davis VT-70 MAX ASV Positrack

Reece Davis

Pictured is Reece Davis who just purchased his first ASV Posi-Track machine – a VT-70 MAX-Series!

Reece is currently working his VT-70 on Garden Island naval base in WA. Not a bad view out his office window each day!

Thanks Reece for choosing ASV and we hope you enjoy your new machine – welcome to the ASV family!


Paul’s #5

Here’s the legendary Paul – an amazingly loyal customer who has purchased 5 machines from us in the last year! – taking delivery of his new ASV RT-40 Posi-Track.

This is an All Weather Air Conditioned Cab RT-40 for Paul, ensuring he’ll be nice and cool in the hot Summer months, and warm and comfy on even the coldest Winter day!

Thanks sincerely Paul for your ongoing support, what an amazing customer and mate you are!


DWC Trees

Here is Dave from DWC Trees taking delivery of his very first ASV Posi-Track Loader, an RT-120 Forestry, coupled with a Fecon Australia BH74 Mulcher!

What a beast of a combo that’s ready to tackle just about any forestry, land clearing or vegetation management project!

Dave is keen to rip in and put this awesome setup to work. Thanks Dave for choosing ASV and Fecon!

“Originally I started with a wheel machine and I have driven most other track machines, but the first time I jumped in the Posi I knew I’d never go back. The vision is a big plus factor. You can see the cutting edges of your front bucket which means you can get the job done faster. No other machine I’ve ever tried has such great front and rear vision. With its factory fitted Turbo Charged 60 horsepower diesel engine as well as the suspended undercarriage technology, it delivers all the reliable power I need, while giving an incredibly smooth ride. It’s really comfortable to operate. It’s my work place for ten hours a day, so when you are working a machine on uneven ground for that long, comfort is a major consideration. I can’t fault the Posi-Track; it’s the only machine I will buy.”

Jeremy Redman – Redman Earthmoving
Model: Terex PT-50 / ASV RT-60 Posi-Track Loaders
Machine Application: Earthmoving

Tracklink WA RT-75 MAX-Series Posi-Track

Here we have Fintan from Tracklink WA taking delivery of their new ASV RT-75 MAX-Series Posi-Track.

Tracklink are extremely loyal and appreciated customers of our Perth branch, having purchased more than 15 machines throughout the past decade.

We can’t thank Fintan and the Tracklink team enough for their ongoing support!

Tracklink WA
Models: Terex / ASV Posi-Track Loaders
Machine Applications: Earthmoving, Laser Grading, Hire, Civil Works

Perth Earth RT-75 MAX-Series Posi-Track

Here are the fellas from Perth Earth with their 4th ASV RT-75 Posi-Track in just 3 years – this one being their first in the new MAX-Series style.

What’s more, Perth Earth have another RT-75 MAX on its way this week!

The fellas already loved their RT-75 machines, but now with the MAX-Series cab included as well, there’s even more to love – extra space, 360 degree visibility, improved air conditioning, 7 inch touchscreen controls…and so much more.

Our sincere thanks to all the Perth Earth crew for your loyalty and support through the last few years!

AJR Earthmoving RT-75 Posi-Track

“I’ve got the RT-75, with a big 4-in-1 cross-flow bucket. It’s well-balanced, manoeuvrable, powerful, comfortable. Really good all-round machine. Definitely the best track loader I’ve used, that’s why I bought it. I went the RT-75, the bigger machine, for its lifting capacity, torque, horsepower, big bucket capacity to save running back and forth to a stock pile all day, and the better undercarriage for comfort and flotation. More creature comforts in the bigger Posi-Track, and a lot more bang for buck in this machine. Plus the awesome air conditioning – should have gone for that years ago! Buying the machine itself was straightforward. I had a look at other big brands, but easily decided on the ASV due to the quality and the service behind it. I’d spoken to a lot of contractors around the area who were all happy with the way ASV Sales & Service looked after them, during the sale and afterwards. For a small one-man operation like myself, service can make or break me. But also the machine as well; it’s chalk and cheese against the others. Ride quality, power, stability – no comparison.”

Anthony Reid – AJR Earthmoving
Model: ASV RT-75 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Earthmoving, Site Cleaning

ASV RT-120 Schibeci MidCoast Council

Here are the legends from MidCoast Council’s road crew taking delivery of their 2 new ASV RT-120 Posi-Track Loaders with Schibeci ST1000 Road Stabiliser attachments.

The RT-120 and the ST1000 are the perfect package for road stabilising and profiling projects. The RT-120 punches out a massive 120 horsepower and 170 litres per minute at 4060 psi (making it the highest spec CTL on the market).

Couple this with the powerful ST1000 dedicated 1 metre stabilising attachment with an impressive 220mm cutting depth, and you have the ideal setup for delivering premium results with maximum efficiency.

Thanks to Mid Coast Council and the entire road crew for choosing ASV and Schibeci!

Bonny Hills Garden Centre ASV RT-65 MAX-Series Posi-Track

Meet Luke from Bonny Hills Garden Centre – one of Australia’s first owners of the new ASV RT-65 MAX-Series Posi-Track Loader!

After comparing all the competitor machines available, Luke was sold on the RT-65 MAX’s next-gen 360 degree visibility cab, powerful performance and overall versatility.

Thanks Luke and BHGC for choosing ASV!


“Awesome machine! Best machine for its size we have ever used. Surprised with its power and how smooth it handles. Thanks again for going above and beyond, will recommend to everyone! ”

Chris Bhanthumnavin – CSB Concreting
Model: Eurocomach ES18ZT Mini Excavator
Machine Application: Concreting

Tim Bennett Level and Spade

“A huge thank you to all the team at ASV – sales team, admin staff and the workshop have been 100% supportive. As a new start up venture without their support, the business wouldn’t be half as successful as it is today. I can’t recommend more highly the professional service provided by both the sales and service team.”

Tim Bennett – Level & Spade Earthmoving
Model: Terex PT-30 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Laser Grading, Laser Leveling, Site Preparation & Earthmoving

Fecon FTX Forestry Tractor

“It is the tidiest you could ever leave a job. No windrows and no piles to burn off. A 100% green footprint. The best thing is the retention of the topsoil. Usually you’d have massive piles of debris and pushed up topsoil.”

Rick Parker – Goulburn Tree Services
Model: Fecon Mulching Tractor
Machine Application: Mulching

JT's Earthworks 85ZT Mini Excavator

“Compact and versatile. Plenty of power and smooth…”

JT’s Earthworks
Model: Eurocomach ES85ZT Mini Excavator
Machine Application: Excavation & Earthworks

Grays Excavations & Land Clearing

“The FMX36 would have to be a must have attachment for any one doing clearing work. To have a attachment that can take trees down to the ground and also be able to cut grass is a great asset to have. The back up from Fecon is second to none, great to deal with.”

Paul Gray – Gray’s Excavations and Clearing Pty Ltd
Model: Fecon FMX36 Excavator Mulcher
Machine Application: Mulching and Land Clearing


Coastal Vegetation Management
Model: Fecon FTX128 Mulching Tractor
Machine Application: Mulching and Land Clearing

Eurocomach ES18ZT Hunter Valley ME

“5 Stars for Product Quality…”

Hunter Valley Mini Excavations
Model: Eurocomach ES18ZT Mini Excavator
Machine Application: Excavation & Earthworks


See Change Land Management
Model: Fecon FTX128 Mulching Tractor
Machine Application: Mulching and Land Clearing