Schibeci Attachments

High Production Road Stabilizing Attachments

Quick Specs

Flow Required

150+ LPM

Hyd HP Required

100+ HP

Milling Width

600, 1000 and 1500mm

Milling Depth

220 mm

Recommended for use with an ASV RT-120 Posi-Track, ASV RT-135 Posi-Track or Terex PT-100G / PT-110, the guys at Schibeci will be the first to tell you, nothing runs their attachments like an ASV or Terex Posi-Track!

The ST attachments are dedicated stabilizing machines, designed for use attached to high flow skid steers and compact track loaders. It has a cutting depth of 220mm and is designed for stabilizing & some milling applications. The side shift allows for stabilizing outside the line of most skid steers.

The ST attachments are designed primarily for the Roadworks and Construction industry. Its compact design makes it perfect for minor rectification works and has excellent visibility for the operator.

The solid framework and fluid dynamic design make the ST attachments stable in the cut. The two levelling rams on the ST attachments give the operator a high degree of accuracy in cutting depth and cross slope control. The dust suppression system as well as stabilization fluid/binding injection ports are standard on the ST attachments.

The Schibeci ST attachments are an excellent solution for Councils, Contractors, Maintenance Teams and Hire Companies.

Schibeci and ASV Sales & Service also offer 3 models, ST600, ST1000 and ST1500 models, designed to suit various needs – enquire for details.


Hydraulic Flow Required: 150+ lpm (33+ gpm)
Pressure Range: 150 to 206 Bar (2200 to 3000PSI)
Can be suited to 350 Bar (5000PSI)
Hydraulic Horsepower Required: 75+ KW (100+ HP)
Milling Width: 600mm(24),1000mm (40 inches),1500mm(60 inches)
Milling Depth: 220mm (9 inches)


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