NEW RELEASE: Fecon FTX150 Mulching Tractor

NEW RELEASE: Fecon FTX150 Mulching Tractor

Brand new to our range of forestry tractors is the highly impressive Fecon FTX150.

This low 3.8 PSI ground-pressure tractor features a BH85SD Bull Hog Mulcher with either an FGT or a DCR style rotor.

An aggressive 227 lpm, 5,000 psi high flow hydraulic system, with in-cab adjustability with presets, powers the mulcher or other optional attachments like a Tree Shear, Stumpex, Grapple Bucket, Root Rake, Rotary Deck Mower, Dirt Bucket, and attachments requiring high flow hydraulics or low flow auxiliary hydraulics.

Fecon Power Management® ensures the intelligent distribution of power, yielding up to 20% more productivity in many environments.

With 140+ net HP the FTX150 is long on power yet is surprisingly stingy on fuel consumption at just 20 litres per hour average fuel consumption. It is ideal for lot clearing, vegetation management, R.O.W. and maintenance of way clearing, landscaping and so much more.

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