The Original is Still the Best

ASV Posi-Track - Original Still The Best

Many people generically refer to any make or model of Compact Track Loader as a ‘Posi-Track’. But did you know that ASV were the original inventors and own the patent for the Posi-Track Compact Track Loader design; in particular, its innovative undercarriage system?

Prior to ASV’s invention of the Posi-Track design, compact loaders were generally uncomfortable to operate, slow and severely inefficient. Once ASV released its innovative new product that offered never-before-seen operator-focused features, many other CTL manufacturers began copying the Posi-Track undercarriage design; and continue to do so today.

However, there are several clear cut reasons as to why the ASV Posi-Track remains as Australia’s favourite compact track loader:

  1. Superior ride comfort: thanks to the unique setup of the Posi-Track undercarriage.
  2. Faster and more powerful: machine torque is maximised throughout the undercarriage and tracks to ensure superior power output – the result: faster travel, enhanced slope climbing and overall increased productivity.
  3. Low cost of ownership: significant improvements to componentry lifetimes in recent years have rendered ASV Posi-Track machines one of the cheapest CTLs to maintain and service.
  4. Higher ground clearance: a raised undercarriage allows access to ground conditions that competitors simply couldn’t even attempt, like mud slush and rocky gradients.

So do yourself a favour – contact us to book a machine demonstration and feel the Posi-Track difference!

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