ASV VT-100 Forestry MAX-Series Posi-Track

Dedicated forestry power and performance.

Quick Specs

Operating Weight

5160 kg

Tipping Load

4795 kg

Ground Pressure

4.0 psi

Engine Power

103.5 hp

Forestry-Grade Productivity.

Achieve forestry-grade performance in a 103.5 hp compact track loader. From guarding that meets forestry safety standards to hydraulic flow and cooling capacity to keep up with demanding attachments, you’ll take on land-clearing jobs with ease.


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A 103.5 horsepower Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine and standard 151.4 lpm high flow delivers maximum power. Large line sizes, hydraulic coolers and direct-drive pumps transfer more flow and pressure directly to the attachment and reduce power loss. The VT-100 features a 1588kg rated operating capacity and 4536kg tipping load.



Improve jobsite productivity with intuitive features that make the VT-100 easier – and more enjoyable – to use.

Pair that with ASV’s patented Posi-Track® rubber-track suspension and suspended wheels and axles, allowing it to achieve faster speeds.

It adds up to high travel speeds of up to 14.9km/h and a low 4.0 psi ground pressure for improved performance.



Premium 360-degree visibility and a state-of-the-art 7-inch colour display improve convenience on the jobsite.

The display provides vital monitoring tools, shows the view from the reversing camera, and integrates with service schedules and history for added convenience.

The fully adjustable suspended seat and smooth ride allowed by ASV’s Posi-Track undercarriage contributes to more comfort on bumpy terrain.

Additionally, the VT-100 includes optional ride control.



ASV stands behind the reliability of its Posi-Track loaders with an industry-leading 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty.

The warranty includes the industry’s first and only no-derailment guarantee and covers the tracks for the entire warranty period.

The new compact track loader also incorporates Yanmar’s optional SmartAssist telematics system with features ranging from error detection and notification to real-time operational status updates, daily work reports and integrated theft protection.

Standard Features Comparison


ASV VT-100 Forestry: Green-Tick-ASV
Bobcat T870: Red-Cross-ASV
Takeuchi TL12R2: Red-Cross-ASV
Case TV620B: Red-Cross-ASV


ASV VT-100 Forestry: Green-Tick-ASV
Bobcat T870: Red-Cross-ASV
Takeuchi TL12R2: Red-Cross-ASV
Case TV620B: Red-Cross-ASV


ASV VT-100 Forestry: Green-Tick-ASV
Bobcat T870: Red-Cross-ASV
Takeuchi TL12R2: Red-Cross-ASV
Case TV620B: Red-Cross-ASV


ASV VT-100 Forestry: Green-Tick-ASV
Bobcat T870: Red-Cross-ASV
Takeuchi TL12R2: Red-Cross-ASV
Case TV620B: Red-Cross-ASV


Note: all specifications noted below are preliminary and subject to change without notice.


Loader Arms: Vertical
Operating Weight: 5160 kg
Rated Op Capacity @ 35%: 1678 kg
Ground Pressure: 27.6 kPa / 4.0 psi
Engine Power: 77.2 kW / 103.5hp
Tipping Load: 4795 kg
Max Travel Speed: 14.9 km/h


Features: Yanmar 4TNV94FHT Diesel 4-cylinder, Intercooled Turbo
Engine Power: 77.2 kW / 103.5 hp
Cooling System: Hydraulically-driven fan and anti-freeze filled radiator cooling system.
Intake Air Cleaner: Three-stage.
Emission Controls: Meets all U.S. EPA Tier 4 final standards.
Torque Peak: 395 Nm
Displacement: 3.1 L


Track Type: General purpose track constructed of rubber compound with embedded co-polymer cords and all-purpose treads.
Drive System: Two hydrostatic direct drive sprockets controlled by a single joystick.
Track Drive Sprocket: Elevated with low friction, replaceable sprocket rollers.
Undercarriage Suspension: Two independent torsion axles per undercarriage.
Roller Wheels: 24 high-density polyurethane and rubber wheels per track. Wheels include sealed bearings.
Track Width: 508 mm
Length of Track on Ground: 1803 mm
Ground Contact Area: 1.83 m2
Front & Rear Roller Wheel Diameter: 381 mm
Middle Roller Wheel Diameter: 254 mm


Full Length: 4064 mm
Arm Up Height: 3353 mm
Machine Height: 2121 mm
Machine Width: 1981 mm
Ground Clearance: 381 mm


Controls: Intermittent via joystick button or continuous via console switch. High-flow is adjustable.
Couplers: Flat Faced Couplers: 1/2 in. low flow, 3/4 in. high flow.
Cooling System: High efficiency side-by-side radiator and oil cooler.
Pump Capacity: 87 lpm (Low Flow) / 151.4 lpm (High Flow)
System Pressure Max: 24132 kPa (Low Flow) / 27579 kPa (High Flow)


Features: Block heater.
Outlets: 1x 12V port inside operator station.
Wiring: Upgradeable wiring harness.
Charging System: 80 Amp Alternator
Nominal Charge: 12 V
Battery: 950 CCA


Seat: Mechanical suspension seat with 2 in. seat belt.
Controls: Electronic joystick controls with ISO or H pattern settings, adjustable operator profiles and speeds.
Cab: All Weather Cab with curved glass door.
Engine Speed: Standard foot pedal with hand dial option.
ROPS / FOPS: ISO 8083-Forestry, ISO 8082-Forestry.
OPS: ISO 8084-Forestry, BC WCB G603 – Window guards for forestry, BC WCB G604 – Light duty screen guards for off highway, BC WCB G608 – Heavy duty roof structure, ISO 6683 – Seat belt anchors, CAL OSHA 1596 – Seat belt, SAE J2292 – Shoulder restraint (when equipped with 3 point options), ISO 11839 – Forestry thrown object guard.
Illumination: 2 – Forward-facing LED lights, 2 – Rear-facing LED lights.
Standard Features: All Weather Cab, Forestry cab with all sides polycarbonate, air ride seat, 3/4 in. poly door, Level 2 FOPS, Forestry Guarding package, reversing fan, 20 in. tracks, backup camera, adjustable pilot controls, 7-inch colour deluxe display, roof panel, roof insulation, rear window, heat & A/C, radio with Bluetooth and USB, foot throttle, cupholder, phone holder, two speed, high flow, Hyd Q/A, attachment control kit, Dual Direction Bucket Positioning, Return to Position, and Ride Control.
7 Inch Display: Colour screen – fuel, tachometer, engine temp, hour meter, battery, trip meter, hydraulic temperature, water temperature, multiple languages.


Fuel Tank: 128.7 L
DEF Capacity: 18.9 L


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