PT-110 Forestry Posi-Track Loader (PT110)

Product Information

PLEASE NOTE: this machine has been superseded by the ASV RT-120F Posi-Track – click here to view. Dry Hire (Rental) and Used for Sale machines remain in stock.

The all new PT-110 Forestry is now Tier 4 compliant and FOPS/ROPS Level 2. The only machine of its kind in Australia built to this standard with 110Hp, 30% increase in the radiator and a dramatically enhanced cooling capacity for better overall performance.

Product Specifications

Operating weight 12,100 lb (5,488 kg)
Shipping weight 11,000 lb (4,990 kg)
Ground pressure@ operating weight 4.25 psi (29 kPa)
Tipping load 8,600 lb (3,901 kg)
Operating capacity, 50% tipping load 4,300 lb (1,950 kg)
Operating capacity, 35% tipping load 3,010 lb (1,365 kg)
Travel speed, low range 0-6 mph (9.7 kph)
Travel speed, high range 0-10 mph (16 kph)
Type Diesel, liquid cooled, 4-cylinder, turbo, after cooled
Model Perkins 854E-E34TA
Displacement 207 in3 (3.4 L)
Gross power rating @ 2300 rpm 111 hp (82.7 kW)
Torque, peak 332 ft-lb (450 Nm)
Cooling system Hydraulic reversing fan & coolant/anti-freeze filled radiator
Engine block heater Standard, AC plug-in type
Intake air cleaner Dual stage
Emission controls Meets all U.S. EPA Tier 4 standards
Track type General purpose track constructed of rubber compound with embedded co-polymer cords and all-purpose treads. - Three rows of track drive lugs molded in.
Track width, standard 20 in (508 mm)
Length of track on ground 71 in (1,803 mm)
Ground contact area 2,840 in2 (1.83 m2)
Drive system Two-speed radial piston motors connected to planetary reduction final drives.
Track drive sprocket Elevated with low friction, replaceable sprocket rollers.
Undercarriage suspension Two independent torsion axles suspend each track frame, plus four independent wheel carriages (4 wheels each) per track.
Roller wheels 24 high-density polyurethane and rubber wheels per track. Wheel bearings protected by metal-faced seals.
Roller wheel diameters Front & rear wheels – 15 in (381 mm) Middle wheels – 10 in (254 mm)
Pump capacity, low flow Pump capacity, high flow Variable from 0-20 gpm (76 lpm). 45 gpm (170 lpm) adjustable from 30-45 gpm (114-170 lpm)
System pressure, max. Low Flow High Flow 3,300 psi (22 753 kPa) 3,800 psi (25 166 kPa)
Controls Intermittent via joystick button or continuous via console switch, mode selectable via dash-mounted switch.
Couplers Push-to-connect quick couplers mounted on loader arms. Pressure relief valve mounted to coupler block.
Cooling system High efficiency side-by-side radiator and oil cooler.
Fuel tank 30 gal (114 L)
Hydraulic tank 22 gal (86 L)
Engine coolant/antifreeze 4.3 gal (12 L)
Engine oil, including filter 9 quarts (8.5 L)
Nominal charge 12 V
Battery 950 CCA
Charging system 120 amp alternator
Outlets 1-12 V port inside operator station
Wiring Pre-wired for all factory-available accessories
Cab Sealed and pressurized cab.
Seat Adjustable suspension contour vinyl seat with built-in operator presence switch, lap bar and 2-inch (51 mm) wide seat belt.
Loader control Right-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls loader lift/ lower and tilt, plus intermittent control of auxiliary hydraulic.
Drive control Left-hand pilot hydraulic joystick controls machine speed and direction. Selectable control pattern from ISO to H.
Indicators/gauges - Fuel level - Tachometer - Hour meter - Coolant temp. gauge - Oil temp. gauge - Oil temp. warning light - Engine oil pressure gauge - Engine oil pressure warning - Battery low voltage indicator - Two-speed indicator
ROPS Meets SAE J1040 APR 88, ISO 3471: 2008 ISO 8082-1:2009
FOPS Meets ISO 3449: 2005, Level 2, ISO8083; 2006, OPS SAE J1084:2002, ISO8084; 2003, BC WCB G803;1990, G604:1990
Illumination 2 – Fixed forward-facing halogen lights 2 – Rear-facing halogen lights 1 – Interior light
Convenience Convenience