Eurocomach Mini Excavators

The Italian designed and built Eurocomach excavator range is making a huge impact on the Australian earthmoving industry. There are a number of machines in the Eurocomach Construction Equipment (ECE) line up to cover many operator and workload requirements.

Italy is well known for its automotive excellence, and this is also evident in Italian earthmoving machinery. ‘Only the best will do’ is the feeling you get when inspecting Eurocomach excavators.

Operator comfort is high on the priority list when designing and producing Eurocomach Mini Excavators; the ergonomically designed cabins provide an environment suitable for all size operators. Everything your need is at your fingertips: digital displays, stereo, and the all important Joysticks are designed to minimise fatigue after long hours on the job.

The machines are impressively stable and feel extremely sure-footed on all terrains. Various track options are available, such as rubber, steel and also the Eurocomach Geo-Grip pads. The Eurocomach range also has the option for extra long dipper sticks, accompanying this is the provision to add a supplementary counterweight of up to 450kg.

The air conditioning system is extremely efficient and cleverly incorporated into the cabin, ensuring that cosmetics are not compromised.

The Eurocomach Mini Excavator range also comes with Geo Service Satellite Tracking technology as an optional extra, which allows owners/operators to pinpoint their machine anywhere in the world, and also stores important machine data useful for Servicing and Operational costs.

It is not often that a machine offers owners and operators a complete package, however Eurocomach ticks all the boxes, offering maximised design, comfort and reliability coupled with being very affordable for small and big businesses alike.