JCB Excavators & Mini Excavators

Product Information

The largest range of excavators in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Central Coast region.

JCB excavators are built for productivity, along with class-leading ease of maintenance, tough components and exceptional operator comfort.

When it comes to designing excavators, JCB believes in built-in excellence. They approach their excavator machine in typical JCB style – by striving for maximum performance, strength, comfort, efficiency, safety and productivity.

JCB believes that one of the most important principles of designing hydraulic excavators successfully is the importance of putting the operator at the heart of the design. That means making the excavators as easy, productive, safe and fatigue-free as possible.


Small but tough, JCB mini diggers are built to work. Like all JCB machines, they boast leading build quality, superb reliability and immense strength.


Designed and developed using JCB’s Efficient Design philosophy, all JCB excavators are equipped with a host of efficiency, performance, comfort and safety innovations.


JCB’s wheeled excavator range includes the award winning Hydradig 110W and JS20MH wheeled material handlers. Be blown away by the quality, performance, versatility and durability of these machines!

We have various models of mini excavators and large excavators for sale and hire. Use the enquiry form below to request more information or a cost quote, or click here for more information on the Hunter JCB website.

Product Specifications

8008 Micro Excavator Max Dig Depth 1.69m, Max Dump Height 1.98m, Operating Weight 950kg
18Z-1 Mini Excavator Transport Weight 1830kg, Max Dig Depth 2.4m, Max Dump Height 2.6m, Zero Tailswing
19C-1 Mini Excavator Transport Weight 1831kg, Max Dig Depth 2.6m, Max Dump Height 2.6m
8025 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 2.83m, Max Dump Height 3.16m, Operating Weight 2806kg
8030 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 3.12m, Max Dump Height 3.21m, Operating Weight 3217kg
8035 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 3.51m, Max Dump Height 3.48m, Operating Weight 3651kg
48Z-1 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 3.53m, Max Dump Height 4.00m, Operating Weight 4792kg, Zero Tailswing
55Z-1 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 3.84m, Max Dump Height 4.27m, Operating Weight 5499kg, Zero Tailswing
65R-1 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 4.09m Max Dump Height 4.15m Operating Weight 6625kg
85Z-1 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 3.58m, Max Dump Height 4.95m, Operating Weight 8607kg, Zero Tailswing
86C-1 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 4.38m, Max Dump Height 5.39m, Operating Weight 8907kg
90Z-1 Mini Excavator Max Dig Depth 4.13m, Max Dump Height 5.32m, Operating Weight 8935kg, Zero Tailswing
JS 130LC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 9375kg, Max Engine Power 74kw, Max Op. Weight 13428kg
JZ 140LC Excavator Max Bkt Capacity 0.89m3, Max Engine Power 81kw, Max Op. Weight 16042kg
JS 200SC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 15800kg, Max Engine Power 129kw, Max Op. Weight 20654kg
JS 200LC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 15800kg, Max Engine Power 129kw, Max Op. Weight 20979kg
JS 220LC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 15800kg, Max Engine Power 129kw, Max Op. Weight 22278kg
JS 240LC Excavator Max Dipper T/O 179.2kN, Max Engine Power 147kw, Max Op. Weight 25200kg
JS 300LC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 25853kgf, Max Engine Power 165kw, Max Op. Weight 32430kg
JS 330LC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 24114kgf, Max Engine Power 210kw, Max Op. Weight 32849kg
JS 370LC Excavator Max Bkt Tearout 27176kgf, Max Engine Power 210kw, Max Op. Weight 37300kg

For more information, specs and availability on the full range of JCB Excavators available for sale and hire, click here to visit the Hunter JCB Website.

Hunter JCB services Newcastle, Central Coast (Gosford, Wyong, Tuggerah, Erina) and the Hunter Valley (Maitland, Cessnock, Kurri, Singleton, Port Stephens).