Fecon Stumpex Stump Grinder

Product Information

Our Stumpex stump grinders for skid steers and excavators offer an alternative auger-style rotational grinding method This shaves the stump into a fine end product with extreme efficiency and low disturbance.

The slow rotation, high torque attachment can grind 25 to 81cm diameter stumps down 50cm in just 90 seconds without flinging cuttings in a wide arc. Using a screw tip work tool and down pressure, the Stumpex first secures itself into the stump and then quickly cuts it from the center using two flail cutting edges.

In comparison with a typical stump grinder that turns around 700 to 800 rpms, the Stumpex has a large reduction gear box and only turns around 17 rpm. And instead of shooting wood chips up to 9 metres, the attachment keeps most material within a small circle around the former stump.

The Stumpex is overall easier to clean up after and notably safer than other stump grinders available – for example, if you’ve got to remove stumps between a street and a pathway, you don’t have to put up barriers and stop traffic.

With Stumpex, less is more:

  • No Carbide Tools to replace.
  • Low maintenance (greasing and sharpening every 1,000 stumps).
  • Low RPM Auger Bit (7-16 RPM) leads to easy clean-up.
  • No high speed flying debris for a safer work zone.
  • Fraction of work time compared to conventional stumpers.
  • Models for Posi-Tracks, Skid Steers and 8-20+T Excavators available.

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* Disclaimer: $104 per week (payments are made monthly in advance) based on a chattel mortgage 60 month term (52 week year) with a 30% balloon and no deposit on a Fecon Stumpex base model at RRP. Weekly repayments have been rounded up to nearest dollar. Available from 01 July 2019 at ASV Sales & Service branches only: Newcastle, Sunshine Coast and Perth. Credit provided by MKP Finance Pty Ltd ABN 56 611 706 784 to approved business customers only. (GST registered). MKP Finance Pty Ltd reserves the right to change, extend or withdraw an offer at any time. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply.


Product Specifications

Excavator Size (Tons): 8-14
Max Cut Diameter (mm): 812
Flow Range (LPM): 75-159 (40674 Nm Torque)
Weight (kg): 675
Excavator Size (Tons): 15-20
Max Cut Diameter (mm): 812
Flow Range (LPM): 151-246 (67790 Nm Torque)
Weight (kg): 907 (plus head plate)