Fecon Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulchers

Product Information

ASV Sales & Service is an Authorised National Dealer for Fecon forestry equipment, including the range of forestry mulchers for skid steers and posi-track loaders.

These forestry mulcher attachments (also known as mulcher heads) are ideal for standard flow skid steers and track loaders with +53LPM of flow, to clear brush, trees and stumps down to ground level.

Fecon mulchers can quickly mulch standing trees up to 20cm in diameter and have the capability to process even larger trees as needed.

Built tough to maximise durability, efficiency and value-for-money, Fecon skid steer mulchers are the smartest equipment investment you’ll ever make.

  • Compatible with SSLs and CTLs +53 LPM hydraulic flow.
  • 22 cutting tools contained within a 1270mm cutting width.
  • Depth control rotor (DCR) ensures a consistent bite and chip size.
  • Smaller mulching head is easily transported and operated.
  • Adaptable mounting plates ensure easy attachment to any mid-sized loader.
  • Close centre of gravity; operated by mid-sized SSL / CTLs regardless of rating.
  • Exceptionally fine mulch size with Fecon’s newly-designed rotor.
  • Clear more than one acre in an hour (depending on density).


Introducing the Depth Control Rotor (DCR) system.

The Fecon DCR brings a superior level of performance and value to mulching. Controlling the depth of bite and directing material flow, so that energy is reserved for production.

The innovative DCR cuts quickly, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size. The DCR system leverages the reversible Samurai knife tool. The rotor and the tool are paired for optimal performance and long-lasting productivity.

Depth control rings of the DCR system work with the Samurai knife to enable more cutting with less horsepower. The shape of the Samurai knife edge slices as it chips, providing greater forgiveness on rock than straight-edged tools or saw teeth.

Depth control rings lend further impact protection to the tool body and reduce shock loading to the mechanical or hydraulic driveline.

Severe Duty rotor bearing seal design protects from debris for longer bearing life.
Forged bolt-on rotor stub shafts.


Click here to find out more about Fecon Skid Steer Mulchers on Fecon Australia’s website.

Product Specifications

Rotor: DCR
Flow Range (LPM): 53-102
Overall Width (mm): 1550
Working Width (mm): 1270
Weight (KG): 590
Height (mm): 1321 w/ push bar
Rotor Speed (RPM): 2400-3000

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