Redstar Fuel Storage Tanks

Redstar Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks

Whether you need an auxiliary self bunded tank to extend the running time of your generator or a complete plug and play fuel storage and dispensing solution for your fleet refuelling, Redstar Equipment stocks the right self bunded tank. Our range includes:

Redstar ‘Cube’ Fuel Storage Tank: 450L – 8,000L

Diesel Fuel Tank Storage

110% self bunded baffled cube series suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, kerosene, lubricants, petrol and waste oil.

The GO Self Bunded Tank Cube Range are designed and manufactured by the industry leader, PETRO Industrial.

  • Unique tank in tank design approved to UL142 / ULCS601 / ULCS603 / AS1940, AS1692 / BS799 / PPG2. Removable lid for ease of maintenance.
  • The outer tank will hold 110% of the inner tank’s capacity.
  • UN31A/Y approved for the transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Sea, Packaging Groups II & III.
  • Pumps, connections and hoses are housed and can be locked within the bund, even in use.
  • Secure hose entry and exit ports.
  • Tank can feed and return from up to 3 generators at once.
  • Fully certified Crane Lifting Lugs, tank can be lifted when full of liquid.
  • 4 x way forklift pockets. Mechanical contents gauge.
  • Fully lockable lid on gas struts. Generator hose suction and return points.
  • Stackable – 3-high empty and 2-high when full.
  • Supplied with all required statutory decals.

Redstar ‘Cell’ Fuel Storage Tank: 1,100L – 11,000L

Redstar Cell Diesel Storage Tank

The self bunded (double wall) Redstar Fuel Cells are suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, lubricants, kerosene and petrol.

The Redstar Fuel Cell series of Self Bunded Tanks are an economical, yet robust, solution for the storage of Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), Lubricants or Waste Oil on your site.

  • Designed, manufactured and approved to UL142, ULCS601, ULCS603, AS1940, AS1692, BS799.
  • Available in a range of sizes including 1100L, 2250L, 3300L, 4500L, 5500L, 8800L and 11000L.
  • Designed for stationary (static) storage. Not designed to be moved with liquid in the tank. Designed to be nozzle filled only.
  • Numerous additional DN50 (2”) Sockets for mounting of monitoring and dispensing equipment. DN50 (2”) Vent Pipe – total height from the ground 4m – supplied with Gauze Element.
  • Interstitial Space Dip Point supplied with aluminium dipstick.
  • 4 Way Forklift Pockets
  • Crane lifting lugs – designed only to be lifted when empty

Redstar ‘Store’ Fuel Storage Tank: 2,250L – 22,000L

Redstar Diesel Storage Tank Store

Innovative new range of tanks. Perfect for home base refuelling applications with lockable full height pump bay housing for secure storage of dispensing equipment.

Suitable for the Storage and Dispensing of Diesel, Gasoline (Petrol), Kerosene, Lubricants and Waste Oil.

  • Innovative new range of Self Bunded (Double Wall) Tanks from PETRO
  • Industrial Small footprint – perfect for home base refuelling applications
  • Lockable full height pump bay housing for secure storage of dispensing equipment
  • Galvanised grated bunded area with drain
  • DN50 (2″) Flanged 150# Suction Point with Anti Syphon / Foot Valve Assembly.
  • Spare DN25 (1″) Suction Outlet
  • 600mm dia manway with internal ladder
  • Calibrated anodised aluminium dipstick with brass lockable dip stick cover fitting
  • Interstitial emergency vent Primary tank free air vent
  • DN50 (2″) Flanged 150# Fill Point with Full Bore Ball Valve / Non Return Valve / Male Camlock Fitting / Dust Cap / Mechanical Overfill Protection Valve and 12V Overfill Alarm
  • Numerous spare fittings on top of the tank for retrofitting of instrumentation or other devices
  • Anodised aluminium interstitial dipstck with brass lockable dipstick cover fitting
  • Forklift tynes have been incorporated in the front / rear of the tank to facilitate offloading and positioning on site
  • Certified crane lifting lugs have been incorporated to facilitate crane offloading and positioning on site. The lifting lugs are NOT certified to lift the tank with fuel.
  • Letterbox style secure weatherproof hose inlet / outlet assembly

Redstar ‘Container’ Fuel Storage Tank

Redstar Container Diesel Storage Tank

The Redstar range of self bunded containerised tanks are suitable for the storage and dispensing of diesel, lubricants, kerosene and petrol.  This range of self bunded tanks is designed and approved as a standard intermodal shipping container footprint. Each tank is provided with a CSC plate allowing any of the range to be shipped road, rail or sea as a standard container.

Redstar self bunded containerised tanks range in capacity from 12,000L (10ft Container) right through to 110,000L (3m wide 48ft Container).  We stock and supply 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 48ft footprint models.

  • Integrated Bunded Pump Bay and Tank Access Platform design providing access to the full tank functionality in one convenient location on the tank.
  • Unique rounded rectangular tank profile maximises the storage capacity of the tank and provides the strength of a cylindrical design.
  • Rounded roof profile that will not pool water / snow or sand.
  • CSC plated as 10ft / 20ft / 40ft / 48ft Standard Container.
  • Dispensing Equipment housed within a lockable bunded pump bay housing.
  • Lockable Container Doors with option for Roller Door.
  • Supplied with Interstitial Emergency Relief Vent that will relieve the gap between the two tanks in the event of a fire.
  • DN80 Fill Point c/w Camlock Male Fitting / Dust Cap / Fire Safe Full Bore Ball Valve / Wafer Style Non Return Valve.
  • DN80 Suction Outlet c/w Anti Syphon Valve and Two Piece Full Bore Fire Safe Ball Valve.
  • DN80 Mechanical Overfill Valve + 12V Battery Operated Overfill Alarm.
  • 2 x 600mm manways with integrated tank access ladder assembly.
  • Fold out AS1657 designed and approved access ladder.
  • Removable plate to allow the linking of multiple tanks in tank farm applications.
  • Full under tank visibility allows for regular visual inspect of the tank base and prevents the base rusting by providing for unrestricted air flow under the tank.
  • Paint Colour RAL9003 Signal White/ Tanks are sandblasted to SA2 Standard. Hempel Marine Paint 3 Stage process. Paint Colour RAL9003 Signal White/ Tanks are sandblasted to SA2 Standard. Hempel Marine Paint 3 Stage process.
  • Supplied with all required statutory safety decals for your region of operation.

Redstar Fuel Storage Trailer

Redstar Fuel Trailer

This innovative self bunded fuel trailer range meets the requirements of the mining, civil construction, hire industry and general industrial markets.

  • Low profile, aerodynamic style. Low centre of gravity.
  • Gross weight: 1,250L – less than 2 tonne and 2,000L – less than 3 tonne.
  • True self bunded, tank in tank design. The inner tank can be removed from the outer tank for long term testing, cleaning and maintenance. Tank module can be removed for maintenance.
  • Bunded Lockable Pump Bay Housing. Trailer roof allows for mounting of Spill Kit or Solar Panels for powering 12V DC dispending systems.
  • Gas strut lockable lid for access to tank fueling area. Tank fueling area features mechanical level gauge, numerous spare ports for connection of support equipment, anti static fill tube and weatherproof recessed housing.
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roll Bars. 12V Amber Flashing Light with extension pole will illuminate when the trailer is stopped and is pumping fuel.
  • Rear lockable bunded fill point c/w removable manway hatch. 1250L features mechanical override brakes.
  • 2000L features an electric braking system. Option for hydraulic brakes for both the 1250L and 2000L Trailer Designs.
  • Choice of Hitch assemblies including 50mm Ball, TREGG, Pintle Ring. Heavy Duty Swingaway Jockey Wheel.
  • Fully hot dip galvnanised frame. Heavy Duty Dual Axle Configuration with Roller /rocker suspension system.
  • LED Trailer Lighting. Optional: Fire extinguisher, wheel chocks and stainless steel brackets, reflective tape, wheel nut indicators.
  • Meets requirements for towing of fuel in accordance with Australia Dangerous Goods Transport regulations. For hire company applications or stationary equipment connection requirements (such as generators, lighting towers, pumps etc) we provide 2 x suction connection (with foot valves) points and 2 x return connection points located at the rear of the trailer for simple / quick connection to site equipment.


Redstar Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks