Atlas Copco Compressors

Atlas Copco Compressors

The essential companion for companies that need to take the tools to perform their work with them – wherever they go. Towed and transported by vehicles across the globe, our range of air compressors is ready to go, and ready to move – when you are.

Developed in conjunction with our customers, you can be assured of the most compact size and balanced design coupled with superior levels of efficiency. Plus, many of our models also come with the legendary HardHat® cover!

The ready to go range: 2.5 – 5 m³/min / 70 – 175 cfm (7 bar / 100 psi)

Ready to Go Range Compressors for Sale Hire

The new 8 Series compressor range from Atlas Copco is the result of over a decade of continuous development.

For the first time, it’s possible to transport behind a normal passenger car, with no special driving license, a compressor that can produce up to 5 m3/min of air, with a full size fuel tank, aftercooler and generator all incorporated into a compact and lightweight package.

All models below 750 Kg including options with a built in generator and aftercooler. More features as standard.

Breaking new ground when it comes to efficiency. Simplicity, speed and long service intervals.

The versatility range: 7-22 m³/min / 275-784 cfm (7-14 bar / 100-205 psi)

Versatility Range Compressors for Sale Hire

Designed for blasting, small drilling and general construction applications, these versatile compressors offer users a winning combination.

Small in size but big in performance, these models are designed to consume less fuel and perform in an efficient, versatile way – resulting in higher productivity.

Thanks to their relatively small size, the range can be towed behind a car and is easy to maneuver both on and off site.

Optimize your fleet investment, improve utilization and get a higher return on investment.

The productivity partner range: 19.7-45.2 m³/min / 696-1596 cfm (7-35 bar / 101-542 psi)

Large Range Compressors for Sale Hire

The compressors in this range were meticulously designed and engineered to give you the best possible performance for your application.

A combination of the latest technology, years of expertise and development with key customers enable us to produce a range of products that ensure optimal productivity and efficiency. Our goal is to give you complete peace of mind and a competitive advantage for your business.

Includes the World-renowned DrillAir and TwinAir ranges of compressors perfect for a wide variety of tasks, designed solely with the operator in mind.

Electric mobile compressors: 25 m³/min / 900 cfm (150 psi)

Electric Mobile Range Compressors for Sale Hire

Have you considered electric mobile compressors?

When your working site is connected to the grid, there is no reason you should not consider using an electric mobile compressor.

For the right application, the benefits of going electric cannot be overstated: from improved noise levels to no diesel engine emissions; and from improved efficiency to simpler service.

Why should you not go electric? As long as you have an electric power source on your site, the electric compressor will always be the most efficient selection.