ASV Posi-Track Loaders

ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders give you premium performance, better balance and higher ground clearance, so you can work more productively in a wider range of ground conditions.

ASV Posi-Track compact track loaders (also known as tracked skid steers) come in 10 size classes, plus a special Heavy-Duty configuration on the RT-75 and a Forestry configuration on the RT-120.

Every ASV Posi-Track machine is designed from the ground up to run on a unique and highly durable rubber track undercarriage, unlike most brands that re-configure wheeled skid-steer loaders to run on tracks.

Superior ride comfort. Climb slopes with ease. Lower maintenance costs. Higher ground clearance. Faster & more powerful. Work where other machines can’t. Feel the Posi-Track difference…

Why Choose an ASV Posi-Track Loader

As a worldwide expert in designing and producing premium, hard-working machinery, ASV gives operators the advantage they need to get more work done at every job site.

What sets ASV Posi-Track loaders apart from other loaders is something ASV invented: the unique Posi-Track undercarriage. ASV’s patented undercarriage technology is designed to give you more traction, speed and performance in any environment, plus reduced service and ownership costs.

The ASV brand has long been known for world-class compact track loaders. For more than thirty-five years, ASV has led the way with superior machine designs and innovations. Our undercarriage technology enables operators to be productive in conditions that often prevents other equipment from working at all. The unique rubber-on-rubber wheel-to-track contact points and fully suspended frames reduce wear and tear on the machine and track while also improving ride quality. A specialised platform provides owners and operators with increased traction, flotation, ground clearance, stability, and overall capability.

ASV Drive System


ASV compact track loaders use an internal positive drive to efficiently transfer tractive effort from the power train to the rubber tracks. Independent drive motors turn sprockets that engage the drive lugs on the inside of the rubber tracks. The low-friction design maximizes power transfer, conserving engine power for other machine functions.

Wear between sprockets and track lugs is minimized through free-turning steel roller sleeves on the drive sprocket teeth. Wide sprockets—3 to 5 times wider than competitive designs—and an open support frame that sheds material, keep the sprockets lasting longer. When it is time to replace, the bolt-on rollers keep your costs below traditional non-serviceable designs.

ASV Roller Wheels


ASV roller wheels (up to 48 rollers on our largest model) distribute weight evenly across a large ground contact area, minimizing ground pressure and increasing traction.

A revolutionary single-rail, open wheel design helps shed material, improving wheel and seal life over enclosed tub frames and saving you cleaning time.

The wheels are made of a durable UHMW polyethylene molded directly to the hub and coated with a final layer of rubber to provide the perfect balance of a strong center core and the needed track cushioning that results in premium ride and long life.

ASV Suspension


Undercarriages on ASV compact track loaders are mounted to torsion axles which suspend machine weight and allow controlled movement up and down.

The suspension on ASV compact track loaders improves stability and absorbs impacts for increased operator comfort and machine durability. This design also keeps the track on the ground to improve digging and maximize traction.

When combined with the machine’s superior balance and longest track base in the industry, this machine offers excellent grading capabilities.



Today’s construction equipment marketplace offers a wide range of earthmoving machinery, with each designed to perform a variety of tasks. At first glance, many machines perform roughly the same duties at the same speeds, but once you get in the cab and start working, you’ll find there’s a reason so many different models of equipment are on offer.



Let’s start with compact track loaders (CTL) and skid steer loaders (SSL) – also commonly known in the industry as ‘positrack’, ‘bobcats’, ‘tracked bobcat’ or ‘bobcat loader’ colloquially. Although not entirely interchangeable themselves, these CTL and SSL machines perform much the same duties – with a bucket or attachment on the front of a compact chassis, they’re designed to move around tight access spaces quickly and efficiently.They’re not so much designed for ‘digging’ as such, but more so for loading and moving materials, and generally carry a larger bucket that excavators so can move more materials in one load. CTLs and SSLs move as a single unit using their innovative tracks or wheels that operate using ‘skid’ types movements to allow tight turning.

Perfect for landscaping and tighter space earthmoving tasks, and well as close-to-ground operations like stump mulching and auger drilling, CTLs and SSLs deliver lower ground pressure and less disturbance than most other construction machines, and faster travel speeds to maximise efficiency.

Tracked loaders (CTL) utilise a tracked undercarriage design to enhance flotation and traction whilst reducing ground disturbance – ideal in mud, dirt, sand and other unstable terrain. Wheel loaders (SSL) are better suited to hard surfaces like roads and pathways. All in all, these mini loaders are the choice for you if you need a powerful machine to access tight spaces and/or work quickly in loading applications without the need to dig deep, and ongoing maintenance costs need to be minimal.

Our ASV ranges of Posi-Track Loaders and Skid Steer Loaders for sale and hire are the industry’s leading option in this category of machine.


Eurocomach ES18ZT 1.8 Tonne Mini Excavator for Sale 4

Excavators, perhaps the world’s most popular type of construction machine, range in size from tiny micro excavators made for civil landscaping jobs like digging pools, trenching and gardens, up to enormous units designed for work in mining and drilling.The key feature of an excavator is its boom, or ‘arm’, which operates with a bucket or attachment on the end. The boom connects to the cab, which itself swivels around on its parallel tracks to offer 360 degree operation without needing to manoeuvre the entire machine.

It is this swivel operation coupled with extended reach that allow excavators to be extremely useful for applications like digging, trenching, dumping and mulching up high (such as tree branches).

The JCB range of excavators is perhaps the world’s most renowned and trusted line-up, with large excavators for sale from 9T up to 37T to cater for almost any application. The popularity of mini excavators in today’s earthmoving and construction industry is due to their nature as combining features of both large excavators and smaller ‘posi-tracks’ / ‘bobcats’ (CTLs and SSLs).

The better models of mini excavator offer zero tailswing movement to allow tight access much like a posi-track, yet retain their boom arm to allow digging work. Mini excavators are also easier to transport than their larger counterparts, often able to be towed on a trailer by a standard ute, or loaded onto a small truck. Effectively, by sacrificing some of the digging power and reach of a large excavator, you’ll gain more accessibility and ease-of-use from a mini excavator. Despite maintenance costs being generally slightly higher than those of a CTL / SSL, a mini excavator is the choice for you if you need to dig down into the ground or shift loads with an extended reach.

Our mini excavators for sale are the prestigious Eurocomach range – Italy’s #1 selling brand of mini excavator and available exclusively in Australia from ASV Sales & Service.



Alternatively, a backhoe loader delivers the best of both worlds, with a loading bucket on the front designed to shift large amounts of materials in one scoop, and a digging arm on the back intended to dig downwards or reach outwards.The backhoe, invented by JCB more than 60 years ago, is effectively a combination of those listed above, and usually operates on wheels although some smaller models, like the JCB 1CXT, operates on tracks just like a posi-track CTL.

Overall, backhoes are usually larger in size than bobcats and mini excavators and so often are better suited to mid-to-large size projects where the operator can benefit from the ability to load and dig with one machines, and there’s no need for extremely tight access.

Backhoes also tend to be more expensive than posi-tracks and mini excavators – but are the cost is justified for operators who need to dig and load simultaneously, as the machine is a perfect 2-in-1 solution.

We offer the full suite of JCB backhoe loaders – the original iconic backhoe that remains the world’s #1 thanks to 60 years of innovation – for sale or dry hire in our fleet.



Still not sure which machine is right for you? Give us a call today on 1300 837 391 or send us an email and we’ll happily help you out.

We also offer try-before-you-buy hire of all these types of machinery through our national rental fleet, giving you the perfect opportunity to test out each machine and decide which is best suited to your needs!

All models above are available with optional galvanised plant trailer packages from our trailer supplier, Bonanza Trailers. Bonanza have branches in Perth, Newcastle and Sunshine Coast and delivery nationwide for low rates.