"Awesome machine! Best machine for its size we have ever used. Surprised with its power and how smooth it handles. Thanks again for going above and beyond, will recommend to everyone! "

Chris Bhanthumnavin Owner of CSB Concreting
Model: Eurocomach ES18ZT Mini Excavator
Machine Application: Concreting

"A huge thank you to all the team at ASV - sales team, admin staff and the workshop have been 100% supportive. As a new start up venture without their support, the business wouldn't be half as successful as it is today. I can't recommend more highly the professional service provided by both the sales and service team."

Tim Bennett Owner of Level & Spade Earthmoving
Model: Terex PT-30 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Laser Grading, Laser Leveling, Site Preparation & Earthmoving

"I was very happy with my decision to go with Terex and Fecon, based purely on performance and reliability over our competitors."

John & Peter Garland Garland Engineering
Model: Terex PT-100G Forestry & Fecon Mulcher
Machine Application: Forestry

"Going straight to work!"

Bernard Davis Central Western National Parks & Wildlife
Model: Terex PT-110 Forestry
Machine Application: Forestry

"It is the tidiest you could ever leave a job. No windrows and no piles to burn off. A 100% green footprint. The best thing is the retention of the topsoil. Usually you’d have massive piles of debris and pushed up topsoil."

Rick Parker Goulburn Tree Services
Model: Fecon FTX128L Compact Mulching Tractor
Machine Application: Mulching

"This is my first machine on tracks, it impressed me the moment I drove it."

Mark Kain Abbey Earthworks
Model: Terex PT-30 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Landscaping

"Very smooth to operate. This TC-19 complements the Terex PT-30 that Troy already has."

Troy Shaw Shawbrook Earthmoving
Model: Terex TC-19
Machine Application: Excavation

"This is my third 'posi' now; looks great, should be many more to come."

Guy Walker All Access Excavations
Model: Terex PT-50 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Excavation

"I’ve been on the Terex Posi-Track loaders for a good 12 years; we don’t use any other type of machine when it comes to loaders. We now have two PT-60s, one PT-50, and a range of attachments."

Tony Wildman Wildman Earthmoving
Model: Terex PT-60 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Earthmoving

"Downtime was always a major problem but with our new Terex PT-50 it keeps us working in all weather conditions. No more punctures or getting bogged in mud! The after sales support from the guys at ASV Chevallum has been fabulous!"

Ashley Regan OVO Homes
Model: Terex PT-50 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Site Preparation

"I love it. It’s compact, it’s tough, has a long reach and a great pulling power."

Andrew Hughes Director of A-Plus Contracting Pty Ltd
Model: Eurocomach ES90UR Excavator
Machine Application: Mine Rehabilitation

"Originally I started with a wheel machine and I have driven most other track machines, but the first time I jumped in the PT-50 I knew I’d never go back. The vision out of the PT-50 is a big plus factor. You can see the cutting edges of your front bucket which means you can get the job done faster. No other machine I’ve ever tried has such great front and rear vision. With its factory fitted Turbo Charged 60Hp (44.7kW) diesel engine as well as the suspended undercarriage technology, the PT-50 delivers all the reliable power I need, while giving an incredibly smooth ride. It’s really comfortable to operate. It’s my work place for ten hours a day, so when you are working a machine on uneven ground for that long, comfort is a major consideration. I can’t fault the PT-50; it’s the only machine I will buy."

Jeremy Redman Redman Earthmoving
Model: Terex PT-50 / ASV RT-60 Posi-Track Loaders
Machine Application: Earthmoving

"I’m ecstatic with the overall performance. I keep finding new ways to use it all the time."

Clive Zaly
Model: Terex PT-100G Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Vegetation Management

"I love the machine, within half an hour I had the controls down pat."

David & Jackie Aarts David Aarts Earthmoving
Model: Terex PT-50 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Earthmoving

"I’m really impressed with the smooth hydraulics and look forward to getting it on the job. I’ll definitely buy another as my rental business grows."

Clint Heterick AR & KM Heterick
Model: Terex TC-19 Mini Excavator
Machine Application: Tight Access Earthworks

"★★★★★ for excellent controllability."

Jon Gibson Earthmoving Equipment Review Magazine
Model: Terex PT-30 Posi-Track Loader
Machine Application: Test Drive